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A manufacturing method of LED flexible neon lamp

Time:2020-10-02 FONT:bigMinmin

  With the acceleration of urbanization process, urban nightscape decoration lighting has also been highly concerned. Traditional neon lamp has been widely favored by people due to its advantages of uniform and continuous light, high brightness and bright colors. However, its principle and structure is to use electrodes to excite the lazy gas in the glass tube to emit light, which has the defects of large power consumption, easy breakage, difficult transportation and installation, high maintenance costs, etc., and has been gradually limited in large cities with shortage of electricity; on the other hand, the principle and structure of traditional neon lamp is to stimulate the inert gas emission in glass tube LED has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, color diversity and so on. In recent years, the neon lamp using LED as the light source has also developed rapidly. It basically achieves the effect of uniform and continuous light, high brightness, and can be arbitrarily shaped, and can be easily cut and extended according to the needs. It is very suitable for the decoration of building outline, advertising signboard, shop facade and other places.

At present, the structure of LED neon lamp on the market is that many led strings are connected in parallel, and the flexible plastic layer used for waterproof and astigmatism is coated on the outside of the light string. The electronic connection line and the ribbon flexible circuit board are usually used to connect the LEDs. The two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages: 1. The quality of the finished led neon lamp can be guaranteed by using the electronic connecting line There is no open circuit when folding and molding, but it adopts manual welding. By manually welding the LED and the electronic wire, the production efficiency is low. Of course, there are also relevant machines and equipment that can realize the welding connection of electronic connection line and led. However, due to the immature process, the LED lamp string welded by the machine will often have the phenomenon of false welding and false welding, which will seriously affect the quality of the product; 2 As the carrier of LED connection, led adopts SMT technology, which can be directly attached and welded to the strip flexible circuit board by machine equipment, that is, SMT technology, which can realize large-scale automatic production, improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost. However, due to the slender shape of LED neon lamp, it will be bent many times in the process of production, packaging, transportation and installation, Especially when it is installed on the surface of the uneven object, such as the surface of the sphere, the lamp will bend from top to bottom at the same time, resulting in the fracture of the conductive copper sheet on the ribbon flexible circuit board, resulting in one or more sections of LED neon lamp not bright, which can not guarantee the product quality.

Therefore, a flexible LED neon lamp which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also ensure the quality of products, and do not appear problems when installing on the surface of various shaped objects, has become the market demand.

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