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The neon lights at the wedding can be retro and beautiful

Time:2020-10-02 FONT:bigMinmin

  Speaking of neon lights, whether you think of the streets of Hong Kong at the beginning of the light, or the "Night Shanghai" that is singing and dancing, you may think that this is a "nostalgic" element. In fact, as the cyberpunk craze once again set off, neon elements have become popular again in many design week works, bringing a new look and feel of avant-garde fashion. The same is true in weddings, as long as the method is used correctly, retro is also fashionable.

If you want the wedding to shine, use neon lights!

Usually when we discuss the details of the wedding arrangement, in addition to the atmosphere, the wedding logo of the bride and groom, wedding vows, or meaningful words to the new couple, etc., will appear in a corner of the wedding scene in the form of signs: Main stage, check-in counter, dessert counter, photo background wall...

We have seen wood, metal or acrylic, but it is undeniable that colorful and changeable neon lights are easier to create a dreamy atmosphere. If it is a wedding with an opening dance, if the lyrics can be extracted from the first dance music and presented with neon lights, the dance floor will bring a different kind of romance and bring guests into emotions.

The LA called "the capital of marriage"

There is a neon museum

Las Vegas is a veritable "world wedding capital". There are countless romantic scenes that only exist on the stage or in the imagination. They may be available here. Some people say that whether it is you two or you brought 500 friends, you can find wedding options in Las Vegas.

It is also here. There is a unique neon museum in the world. If you lack a little imagination about the atmosphere of neon lights, maybe you can come and see this amazing wedding scene. The casino is razed to the ground and those that exist in Las Vegas The flashing, huge and bizarre neon signs in the history of Sri Lanka will take you back to the past and make you feel the future.

Perhaps, you who also used neon lights to dress up your wedding also want to take it home as a witness to history?

Let neon lights become the visual symbol of wedding

Neon lights, once a visual symbol of a city, carry people's memories, you have to admit its charm. And now, we can also make it a visual symbol of a wedding, let's take a look at these inspiration ideas!

This time, let's create a cool neon wedding!

Presentation of the wedding logo

The most common logo in weddings is the sign of the initials of the couple. This design is easy to adapt to any styling theme and can be placed around your venue.

Bring light to the green background wall

Combining the sunlight of the green plants with the flashing neon sign can not only reflect the theme of the wedding, but also create a unique photo background for the guests.

Neon confession

"We will be better together in the future" and "It's always only you", these beautiful confession words are embodied in neon elements and added to the ceremony, creating a fashionable and stunning way of display.

Our oath

The inspiration for some vows can also be displayed in the art neon hall in the wedding decoration. "To be together forever", "Every day in the future will be beautiful", "Love until death", etc., will be displayed on the ceremony stage and will create a romantic light for you when you say "I do."

Turn the dessert table into a BAR

Use the neon lights to make the dessert table different. Perhaps when your guests come here to grab a glass of sparkling wine, they will really have the illusion of being in a bar.

A fairy tale ending

Since you are going to hold a fairytale wedding, why not show your happy life in the form of neon lights. Timeless and romantic, it is the perfect fashion complement to your venue.

The formula of love

It's actually simple math. You + I must equal love! This equation is subtle and elegant, and is the best way to add romantic light to your decoration.

Did these inspirations move you? I remember that in a short film called "Neon Light and Shadow", someone said: Neon is not a past tense. One day, it will evolve into something new. And now, the maturity of LED neon technology is making it come into our lives, perhaps it will also become the best supporting role in your wedding!

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