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How many colors are there in neon lights?

Time:2020-10-02 FONT:bigMinmin

  Neon lights have six colorsbai,respectivelyFor the bigRed, crimson, golden, blue,dugreen,zhipurple.

1. Neon lights are bright and glowingdaoof,ChargeThere are thin neon gas or other energized glass tubes or bulbs, which are cold cathode gas discharge lamps. The neon tube is a sealed glass tube with electrodes at both ends, which is filled with some low-pressure gas. A voltage of several thousand volts is applied to the electrode, and the gas in the ionization tube causes it to emit light.

2. The color of the light depends on the gas in the tube. Neon light is the transliteration of neon light. Neon, a rare gas, emits a popular orange light, but the use of other gases will produce other colors.color,For example, hydrogen (red), helium (yellow), carbon dioxide (white), mercury vapor (blue).

3. Neon lights rely on the electrode heads at both ends of the light to ignite the rare gas in the tube under a high-voltage electric field. It is different from ordinary light sources that must burn tungsten filaments to a high temperature to emit light, causing a large amount of electrical energy to be consumed in the form of heat. Therefore, with the same amount of electrical energy, neon lights have higher brightness.

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