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Neon information

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  Introduction to Neon
Neon signbaiAsked in 1910Shi YiComedu,calendarEnduring for a hundred years. It is a specialSpecialLow air pressurezhiElectric light source of polar glow discharge light,andDo notdaoSame as other arc lamps such as fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, mercury lamps, incandescent lamps, etc. The neon lamp is based on the low-pressure inert gas filled into the glass tube, and the cold cathode glow discharge under the high-voltage electric field to emit light. The light color of neon lights is determined by the spectral characteristics of the inert gas: the tube type neon lights are filled with neon gas, and the neon lights emit red light; the fluorescent type neon lights are filled with argon and mercury, and the neon lights emit blue, yellow, etc. Major types of neon lights rely on stimulated radiation of the working gas atoms in the tube to emit light. Compared with other electric light sources, neon lights have the following characteristics:
1. High efficiency
Neon lights rely on the electrode tips at both ends of the light to ignite the inert gas in the tube under a high-voltage electric field. It is different from ordinary light sources that must burn the tungsten filament to a high temperature to emit light, causing a large amount of electrical energy to be consumed in the form of heat. , With the same amount of electrical energy, neon lights have higher brightness.
2. The temperature is low, and the use is not restricted by climate
Because of its cold cathode characteristics, the neon lamp can be exposed to the sun and rain or work in water when the lamp temperature is below 60°C during operation. Also because of its working characteristics, the neon light spectrum has a strong penetrating power, and it can still maintain a good visual effect in rainy or foggy days.

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